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From Thursday October 24, 2013.

Gates Street Elementary School

Jenny Wong is more than a preschool teacher to 34 young students, but an environmentalist and mentor. For the past 20 years, Wong has taught in a low-socioeconomic area of Southern California. Gates Street Elementary School, a Title 1 school in the area, serves students who come from families living at or below the poverty line. Many of the students have limited technology available to them at home and a majority of them are learning English as a second language. Despite these challenges at home and school, Wong's preschoolers are enthusiastic and eager to learn.

The NASCAR Foundation collected donations for NASCAR Unites wristbands to raise funds for Wong's project on DonorsChoose.org. These funds were instrumental in allowing Wong and other teachers to continue to offer cutting edge resources to better assist their students.

Wong was able to provide her students with an iPad Mini and recycling materials to better communicate the importance of preserving their surroundings. She implements lessons that foster reducing, reusing and recycling. "I would like my students to learn and read about the importance of conservation and what can be done to save our earth," she said. "My project not only teaches my students about environmental issues in our school, it also encourages students to look at what our community and homes are doing to preserve this beautiful world."

Through The NASCAR Foundation's partnership with DonorsChoose.org, $25,000 was donated to help students and classrooms across the country, particularly in racing communities. More than 7,500 students, including Wong's preschoolers, were impacted by projects funded by NASCAR Unites wristband orders.

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