Homestead Hospital

Homestead Hospital

Located in Homestead, FL

Speediatrics® began with the humble goal of importing the color, excitement, and fun of NASCAR into children’s hospital rooms, wings, and waiting areas. Today, we provide medical treatments for 50,000 children each year at our two permanent Speediatrics® facilities at Halifax Health Medical Center and Homestead Hospital, and continue to extend our reach beyond the hospital walls by supporting other causes related to helping children live a healthy life.

The Speediatrics Unit at Halifax Hospital first opened in 2007 as a Pediatric Emergency Room. In 2010, Speediatrics expanded into a Speediatrics floor for children who are being admitted to the hospital. At The NASCAR Foundation, we believe every child should have a chance at a healthy life and deserves to get across the finish line. We are making children’s health and medical needs our top priority.

Regan Smith and Safety Sam Visit

Safety Sam and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Regan Smith brought smiles to the kids in the Speediatrics unit at Homestead Hospital before the Championship race. The kids at the unit received remote control racing cards from Toy State, a Foundation goodie bag and Speediatrics coloring books. The kids enjoyed playing and taking pictures with both Regan Smith and Safety Sam and asked Regan a lot of questions about the Championship race.


Teddy Bear Clinic

A concerned child watches as a nurse treats a teddy bear with a broken leg at Homestead Hospital's Family Health and Wellness Fair.

"What do you do for a broken leg?" the child asks. The nurse explains that she needed to prepare a stint, and goes on to treat the bear as she would if a child came into the Speediatrics® Unit with the same injury.

Why would a medically trained professional be treating a stuffed animal? The event is called the Teddy Bear Clinic. It gives children a chance to watch nurses and doctors in action to help ease any fear for the child when he or she goes to the doctor for a checkup or medical treatment.

"The Teddy Bear Clinic gives children the children the opportunity to interact with nurses so they'll feel more comfortable when they have to get a checkup of their own," said Jennifer Pages from the Homestead Hospital. "It shows them that doctors and nurses are not scary, they only want to help."

The NASCAR Foundation is dedicated to helping children live happier, healthier lives. 
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