Speediatrics Children's Fund

Speediatrics Children's Fund

Expanding to a National Impact

The Speediatrics Children’s Fund supports needs expressed by hospitals, specialty clinics, camps and other providing children’s medical and health care services. Since 2006, Speediatrics has impacted more than 600,000 children in need. The Speediatrics Children’s Fund partners with organizations with proven results in the delivery of pediatric services to fund resources critically needed to deliver high-quality care to needy children.

Our Speediatrics Unit, located in Daytona Beach, FL, was opened in 1999 to to provide a comfortable environment for the children coming to the hospital.

Our Speediatrics Unit, located in Homestead, FL, was first opened as a Pediatric ER in 2007. In 2015, we opened a Speediatrics Floor.

The NASCAR Foundation funds Child Life Specialists at NYU Langone Medical Center to help ease children's fear at the hospital.

The Speediatrics Children's Fund partners with organizations to deliver high quality care to needy children in our racing communities.


The NASCAR Foundation is dedicated to helping children live happier, healthier lives. 
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