Tammy Richardson

Tammy Richardson

2017 Finalist
Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Tammy Richardson is a longtime volunteer and committee member at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation’s Camp Cartwheel, an involvement linked directly to honoring the memory of her late daughter Stephanie who succumbed to cancer in 2003 at the age of 17.

When Stephanie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, her response was immediate – and selfless. She became determined to personally meet every child in the state of Nevada who was also battling cancer. Fully aware that her own fight would not be won, she was committed to providing support to others.

Her mother became aware of Camp Cartwheel – and soon became immersed. In the years since her daughter passed away, Richardson has accelerated her volunteerism at the camp, striving to finish Stephanie’s unfinished task of meeting children with cancer throughout Nevada.

Richardson runs the Camp Store at Camp Cartwheel, providing items and gifts for camp attendees. She volunteers 11 months annually. Camp Cartwheel is an outdoor camp experience designed to help children fighting cancer and other critical diseases. The camp is also welcoming to young patients’ siblings. The NCCF provides 25 pediatric programs and services to nearly 500 children.

“A lot of these children at our camps do not get to do regular normal activities outside their home or outside a hospital environment. I get to help give them the most amazing four days I can, to let them be okay for four days. They get to be that normal child for four days”

The NASCAR Foundation is dedicated to helping children live happier, healthier lives. 
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