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Volunteering at-track is a great way to get the full experience of being at the race track - as well as interacting with NASCAR fans who have the same passion for the sport and for helping others as you do! 

What To Expect At-Track:
Volunteers will be accepting donations for The NASCAR Foundation's collectibles such as pins, wristbands, hats, koozies, lanyards and much more at The NASCAR Foundation's booth at the race track. If you are volunteering on behalf of a local nonprofit organization then all of the proceeds from what you have sold will be split; 50% going back to your charity and the other 50% benefitting The NASCAR Foundation!

You can also volunteer just for The NASCAR Foundation and have 100% of the proceeds you raise help children survive and thrive through the Programs of The NASCAR Foundation.

Our 2018 at-track schedule details when we will be coming to your race market. If you are interested in volunteering please submit the form at the bottom of the page directly to Blake Warfield, Development Representative, 386-310-5742 or bwarfield@nascarfoundation.org

Track Race Weekend Dates Booth Times
Auto Club 3/16- Practice & Qualifying 10AM-6PM
  3/17 - Xfinity 9AM-1:00PM
  3/18 - Cup 8AM-12:00PM
Dover 5/4 - Trucks 9AM-5PM
  5/5 - Xfinity 9AM-1:30PM
  5/6 - Cup 8AM-12:30PM
Michigan 6/8 - Practice & Qualifying 9AM-5PM
  6/9 - Xfinity 9AM-1PM
  6/10- Cup 8AM-12:30PM
Daytona 7/7-Cup TBD
Michigan 8/10- Practice & Qualifying 10AM-5PM
  8/11-Trucks 8AM-2:30PM
  8/12 - Cup 8AM-1:30PM
Dover 10/5 - Practice & Qualifying 9AM-5PM
  10/6 - Xfinity 9AM-3PM
  10/7 - Cup 8AM-2PM

Day Of Provisions:
All volunteers will receive a $10 food voucher and cold, refreshing bottled water. Wear comfortable casual clothes for the weather that day. If any race tickets are donated to The NASCAR Foundation we will give them to the top fundraisers each day so you can stay and enjoy the race! Unfortunately tickets cannot be guaranteed as tickets are not always given to The NASCAR Foundation.

Still need more information about our 2018 volunteer opportunities? Contact Blake Warfield, Development Representative, 386-310-5742 or bwarfield@nascarfoundation.org for more information.

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