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Providing medical care to our most vulnerable children in Tolleson

Imagine being a working mother of three children under age 10 while living paycheck-to-paycheck. Between the mortgage, utilities, groceries and medical bills, the stress of just trying to make ends meet can be overwhelming. This is the challenge that Micaela Dalley from Tolleson, Arizona, faces every moth.

“My kids often get strep throat,” she said. “Visiting the doctor means a minimum of $100 to be seen, plus $35 for a strep test and another $35 for medication. It’s about a $170 process every time.”

Micaela is one of many mothers in Arizona who is uninsured, meaning the full cost of medical care for her children comes straight from her pocket. “It can be scary to think I am making a choice about how we eat this week or who gets medical care,” she said.

This is where the Banner Children’s Community Clinic located at Porfirio H. Gonzales Elementary School in Tolleson comes in. The Banner Children’s Community Clinic provides free care for children who are uninsured or underinsured. The specialists there treat common colds, sore throats, ear infections and other common illnesses, and also offer preventative exams, vaccines, and sports physicals.

The Community Clinic in Tolleson is an incredible resource for Micaela and her family. The burden of choosing between health care for her children and other basic needs has been lifted. “For me, the things that have been critically important for my kids have been to track their developmental milestones,” she explained. “When they see a medical professional, I know someone is tracking their growth, making sure everything is happening for them the way it should be.”

The Banner Children’s Community Clinic in Tolleson is open to children up to age 18, regardless of whether they attend the school or live in the area. The Community Clinic is sustained entirely with philanthropic support from generous individual donors, families, companies and foundations.

Earlier this year, The NASCAR Foundation was proud to host it’s second-annual Speediatrics Fun Day Festival in celebration of a $20,000 donation to the Community Clinic in Tolleson.