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Teaching Pediatric Trauma Prevention in Sports

Serious injury is the number 1 killer of children in America, killing nearly 10,000 kids annually. Car wrecks, falls, accidents, and sports injuries are all leading causes of pediatric trauma, which requires hospitalization and proper treatment in order to make a full recovery. However, many children do not have access to proper pediatric trauma treatment because they live too far from a trauma center or the healthcare professionals do not have the needed specialized training.

Childress 5The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma aims to raise the quality of care for severely injured children. Through research, education, and advocacy Childress Institute strives to discover and share the best ways to prevent and treat severe injuries suffered by children through programs such as youth football safety clinics.

Over the summer, The NASCAR Foundation partnered with Childress Institute for an online auction in conjunction with the Dillion Brother’s 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Through this partnership we strive to reduce head impact injuries and keep kids in our communities safe.

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The auction raised $18,000 which will help fund research and education programs such as the Kids & Pro Youth Football Safety Clinics.

The youth football clinics teach kids how to play football safer and provide safety education and concussion awareness to parents. The clinics are held in various locations throughout the U.S. including New York, Dallas, Atlanta and for the first time this year in Daytona Beach.

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