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Providing advocacy for children

Editors Note: This is a blog post written by Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama President/CPO Patrick Wynn.

The Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award was an absolute amazing opportunity for us as an organization. The overall experience as being a finalist for the prestigious award afforded us the chance to receive so much needed for publicity for us as The Boys & Girls Clubs. On a local level and a national brand we reached out to our corporate offices in Atlanta. They were kind enough to share this message across all Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. We received a ton of media exposure due to our parent organization. For this we are forever grateful to The NASCAR Foundation and Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award.

Having volunteers like Rex Reynolds on our Board has been priceless for us. The advocacy that he provides for us is invaluable and the fact that he is a Club alum really provides a strong testimony about our Clubs. Rex’s leadership in the city is second to none and having him serve on our Corporate Board provides credibility to us. Not only did we have the opportunity to recognize Rex but because he was so visible with his work with Boys & Girls Clubs during the campaign our volunteers increased by about 25%.


The Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award provided a great platform to showcase what volunteering means to local non-profits. We saw a significant spike in volunteers during the campaign as well as willing people that register to serve in the future.  The campaign allowed Rex to be recognized locally and throughout the State because of the social media presence. Finally, the funding has allowed us to deepen our impact with STEM Education by providing additional resources for hands on Educational Training for our young people. Grant funding from the award has been an incredible resource for our organization and the overall experience was first class. We increased a social media presence as well as educating the general public of the impact of Boys & Girls Clubs.

We will be forever grateful to The NASCAR Foundation for this incredible platform for Boys & Girls Clubs.

In service to youth,

Patrick Wynn
Boys & Girls Clubs of North Alabama

Nominations are now open for The NASCAR Foundation’s Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award that recognizes NASCAR fans who are volunteering for children’s causes. Click here to nominate today. Nominations will be accepted through March 22.