Nk And Kids

A Fun Filled Day in Dover that’s Truly All For the Kids

Four hundred and four miles. That’s how far it is from Buffalo, New York, to Dover International Speedway. And on Thursday, 10-year-old Bryce and his father Dan took the journey down to Dover international Speedway for a weekend of racing fun.

First stop after speeding to Dover in true NASCAR fashion, was The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Fun Day Festival at Dover International Speedway. Bryce and Dan said they raced in to town with just enough time to make the kickoff of our event in Dover. And that they couldn’t have asked for a better start to their weekend.

Joining Bryce, were about 80 kids from the Delaware YMCA. Although it was a warm summer-like day, the heat didn’t keep the NASCAR drivers or the kids from having a fun time at our festival.

Competition at the Goodyear Tire Relay was almost as fierce as on the racetrack. A highlight of the day was seeing NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Vinnie Miller attempt to push teammate Matt Mills off the course nearly taking his own self out in the process.

Coming in as a close second favorite memory was Monster Energy NASCAR Series driver William Byron helping a young boy fill his gas can with water. The miniature gas can was just too heavy for the boy to carry all by himself; however, William gladly helped him along.

But my favorite memory will likely be the five kiddos from the yellow team that surrounded me with hugs saying thank you for inviting them to such a fun day.

To hear such a sincere thank you from the kids meant so much to me. And these heartfelt hugs remind me why instead of signing my own thank you letters with the closing ‘sincerely’ I often sign with ‘For the Kids’ because, after all, in the world of The NASCAR Foundation isn’t that what it’s all about?

At the end of the fun filled day, it truly is For the Kids.

Nichole Krieger
Executive Director