Z'moria & Zaniah. Ages 12 & 11 Stage Night

Z’Moria’s Story | Speediatrics Family Weekend At Victory Junction

12-year-old Z’Moria came to Victory Junction (VJ) for the very first time this year. When asked what her favorite thing was about VJ she said, "horseback riding." Susanne, Z’Moria’s mom added, "This is the ONLY place Z’Moria can ride a horse."

Z’moria Age 12 Horse Barn

Susanne describes Victory Junction as "A city of fun and activities where disabilities are not seen! Victory Junction gives Z’Moria a place to feel like everyone else and they make sure she is included. No one gets upset if Z’Moria acts out or cries and they are attentive to all campers’ needs. VJ treats ALL KIDS with dignity and have the sole goal to make every kid feel special and have a good time."

Z’Moria and her younger sister, Zaniah, have shared interests in the Fab Shop at camp. VJ’s Fab Shop is a fun place where campers go to get their hair, makeup and nails done. This added some extra glam to Z’Moria and Zaniah for their Stage Night performance. Z’Moria sang and Zaniah was her backup dancer. Their younger brother, Amari, decided he wanted the spotlight all to himself, so for his Stage Night routine, he did a solo on the drum.

With finances being tight, Susanne’s family has not been on a vacation in years. Thanks to the generosity of The NASCAR Foundation and this past weekend’s camp session, Susanne said, "Now we can say we have gone on a family vacation that rocked! Thank you so much NASCAR Foundation. We’re extremely appreciative!"