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DAYTONA 500 Chase Elliott Meet-And-Greet

NASCAR Drives International Fandom

Alain, a dedicated NASCAR fan, watched his first race 26 years ago. Ever since then, he’s been hooked.

“In 1994, one Sunday evening during school holidays, I watched a NASCAR race on our European TV channel for the first time in my life,” Alain said. “I was thrilled from the very first second. The cars, the names, the sponsors, the track and above all that, the excitement.”

However, his fandom is unique compared to others. Alain lives in the mountainous Central European country, Switzerland. With different time zones and language barriers, one would assume that watching a race could create challenges. Not for Alain. He is committed to watching every race, even if that means watching the start of a race at 2 AM.

“I watch every race live… I cannot image a Sunday without NASCAR anymore. This has become a tradition,” Alain explained.

Because of his love for the sport, he knew he needed to find a way to watch a race in person. That’s when Alain discovered The NASCAR Foundation and our online auctions program. Through our auctions website, individuals can experience the world of NASCAR up front and in the center of all the action. From this, Alain won the opportunity to meet his favorite driver, Chase Elliott who competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, at the 2020 DAYTONA 500.

Attending the DAYTONA 500 was a dream come true for Alain, especially since his family has been watching the race for many years, saying that it has become a family tradition over the past 10 years. From pace car rides around the track to a meet-and-greet with Chase and Bill Elliott, Alain was able to truly experience the world of NASCAR. He described it as one of the “best experiences” of his life and he already cannot wait for the DAYTONA 500 in 2021.

DAYTONA 500 Chase Elliott Meet-And-Greet

Beyond his passion for NASCAR, Alain is always eager to find ways to give back to the racing community.

“The fact that my favorite sport has a foundation which supports others makes it even more wonderful to be a NASCAR fan,” Alain explained.  “It is a very nice feeling to have this experience while also making something possible for someone else in the background.”

We are grateful for donors like Alain who are dedicated to supporting our mission of helping kids in need through our online auctions program.

You can join others like Alain and visit our charity auctions website to bid on NASCAR memorabilia and experiences: