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News From Nichole

June Edition: News from Nichole

Darlington Raceway

NASCAR is Back – I was so thrilled to hear these three words. I was even more excited to know that The NASCAR Foundation was right there in Darlington ready to give back.


Just two week ago, as my teammate Jennifer and I embarked on our drive to Darlington for our first race back, I could not help thinking how surreal this journey was. We were going to the racetrack again – but wait, we were only going allowed to be outside the racetrack. Strict guidelines kept us from watching the race – even though we were a stones throw from the track.


That didn’t matter because we were at Darlington, the lady in black, getting ready to bring an 18-wheeler from Convoy of Hope filled with food and supplies to the people of Darlington. Our NASCAR family led by the support of the Joey Logano Foundation and Elevation Outreach was back in action just like the teams racing on the track.


Pandemic Relief Efforts at Darlington Raceway

On Sunday during the race, volunteers worked in the track parking lot for hours packing grocery bags filled with food to be distributed to the Darlington community. We could hear the race and I felt the excitement even though we couldn’t see what was going on. Every now and then, the roar of the cars would subside and Jennifer and I would look at each other and say, “Cautions out” and then we would run to the iPad to log into the Wi-Fi and see who or what caused the lull in the sound of the race.

But it didn’t matter that we couldn’t be inside where the action was. It didn’t matter that we spent more time driving to Darlington than we did on the ground in Darlington. What mattered was that we were back. Back with our NASCAR family. Back in our racing community. Back helping others.

This is what I love the most about being a part of The NASCAR Foundation giving back. And next we move on to Martinsville to bring another Convoy of Hope to the community. We won’t see a lap of the race but will hear it and know that we will once again be giving back to our family during a time when the needs of so many feels stronger than ever.


So yes, NASCAR is back and with that you can count on The NASCAR Foundation being right there too, giving back to help others.


For The Kids,