Joel doing Tae Kwon Do

Camp Memories that Last a Lifetime

For the third consecutive year, The NASCAR Foundation hosted more than 30 families of children with chronic illnesses from across the country for a Speediatrics Family Weekend at Victory Junction.

The weekend, which is free of cost to the families, allows parents and kids alike to enjoy a fun and stress-free weekend together while providing them with the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Srg 7967Upon arrival to Victory Junction, each family was greeted by a welcome parade of camp counselors, volunteers, and The NASCAR Foundation’s own, Safety Sam. The families received their very own Speediatrics bear and a Speediatrics Family Weekend banner. After settling into their cabins and meetings their neighbors for the weekend, the activities and fun began.

Debi, whose son Joel suffers from multiple diagnoses including a chromosome disorder, described the weekend as an opportunity for the kids to do things that typical kids get to do plus much more while also giving them a break from the medical world, diagnoses, and the reoccurring doctor appointments.

"They did a really good job of keeping an eye, helping, and stuff like that and I liked their policies," Debi continued, "I found it to be very disability accessible. The cement everywhere to get around and the cabins were very accessible."

Families spent the rest of the weekend participating in activities they might not get a chance to otherwise, such as fishing, archery, kayaking, arts and crafts, and so much more. Joel who is a black belt in karate performed a routine in the talent show alongside one of the counselors.

"When he’s home he tends to be glued on that darn technology, Xbox and all that so it’s awesome to get him out and doing things because when he is in an atmosphere like this he steps up to the plate and he participates and he does things because everybody else is"

This partnership is an initiative of The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Children’s Fund by providing families an escape from the stress of their everyday lives, and to enjoy a fun-filled weekend all together as a family.

"That opportunity just means the world when you have a kid that maybe otherwise wouldn’t get that opportunity."