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Expanding Our Impact In Chicago

For the second year, The NASCAR Foundation is proud to partner with Chicagoland Speedway and Mobile Care Chicago to bring the Speediatrics Fun Day Festival to Chicago on Saturday, June 29th.

Nearly 100 children are expected to attend the event taking place in Champions Park, amidst the excitement of a triple header NASCAR weekend. Festival attendees will take part in NASCAR-themed field day activities that demonstrate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

While the Festival will bring smiles to the families in attendance, we also have a greater purpose in mind, improving health and wellbeing of children in the Chicagoland area through our partnership with Mobile Care Chicago.

Children like Mira, a seven-year-old dealing with severe asthma, are directly benefitting from the investment we’ve made in Mobile Care Chicago’s mobile medical programs.


After frequently getting sick, barely being able to breathe and missing many days of school, Mira found the Asthma Van and was diagnosed with asthma. She began monthly visits to the Asthma Van to manage her symptoms.

Mira’s treatment plan was working, and she continued to get better. However, her treatment was in jeopardy of being interrupted due to her mother Elizabeth’s admission to the hospital in kidney failure.

As Mira’s sole medical guardian, it would be impossible for Mira to attend appointments without her mother. Elizabeth was understandably distressed, not wanting her own medical condition to mean a lack of medical care for the daughter she loves.

Thankfully, Mobile Care Chicago launched a new telehealth program in the first part of 2019 that allows parents to remotely attend appointments with the Asthma Van. Now, parents can video conference into their child’s appointment when they would otherwise have to miss it.


For kids like Mira, missing appointments can often mean having to go to the ER. However, telehealth can change that. This program has been rolled out to 42 schools across Chicago and has already helped dozens of children access care when they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Mira’s story is just one of many demonstrating the impact that The NASCAR Foundation continues to have on the health and well-being children in our racing communities through the Speediatrics Children’s Fund.