Safety Sam 11 With 6 Yr Old Colton

Colton’s Story | Speediatrics Family Weekend At Victory Junction

First time camper Colton is an absolute gem. This adorable six-year-old is one that will grab you by the heartstrings the second you meet him! While Colton communicates a little differently than most people, there was no questioning the happiness Victory Junction experiences brought him while at camp. From the moment his family arrived at camp and drove through the welcome parade, Colton had the biggest and most beautiful smile on his face. That same smile carried throughout the entire weekend.

Shannon and Amanda (Colton’s parents) said, "Victory Junction is such a good opportunity for Colton to try new activities, like riding a horse and archery. Our family enjoyed everything about camp and Colton was so excited to meet other children."

Colton was also very excited to meet Safety Sam! Undoubtedly one of the main highlights of the weekend. To watch Safety Sam and Colton interact was incredibly touching. It was almost as if their mutual nonverbal traits created an instant bond between them. Their hand gestures and body language communication – handholding, fist bumps, and blowing kisses, brought much joy. The embrace they shared just before parting ways was most moving and brought tears to the eyes of those that witnessed their connection.

Grab yourself a tissue and enjoy seeing firsthand photos of this special story caught on camera…

Safety Sam Colton 8Safety Sam Colton 7