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Patient Rooms

From The Executive Director: The Opening of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital

On June 24, in a unique parade of hospital beds, patients moved into the brand new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital of NYU Langone. But before the hospital opened its doors to patients, The NASCAR Foundation had an opportunity to tour the facility as part of the grand opening ceremonies. Learn more about this incredible facility first hand from our executive director, Nichole Krieger –

“Just blocks from our New York NASCAR office is the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital of NYU Langone.  Earlier this month, I was thrilled to be on hand to witness the opening of this brand-new facility, one that is funded in part through The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Children’s Fund.

Much like the premise behind our Speediatrics Units, the state of the art Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is designed to bring healing to children in a bright and colorful environment that will not only ease the pain of the child but also support the needs of the family.

Img 0029

Each child and family entering the hospital enter through a designated entrance, complete with a Statue Liberty made entirely of Legos, and a vibrant mural featuring all of New York City’s landmarks. But what really catches your eye is the giant 38-foot-tall Spot the Dog sculpture in front of the hospital entrance – balancing a real New York City taxi on his nose.

It was so amazing to see that all 64 rooms in the children’s hospital are single-bedded rooms that can accommodate the overnight stay of a family member.  Each room had its very own 75-inch “My Wall” screen that includes technology to benefits not only the medical team but also allows the children and families to communicate with loved ones through Skype.  And let’s not forget that every room has its own PlayStation 4 gaming system.  What is better than a 75-inch TV now equipped with the NASCAR Heat game for kids to pass the time away.

As I was touring the floor, much to my surprise I heard, “TUG has arrived” which was coming from “TUG” the automated medicine dispensary.  TUG is a robot that roams the floors with the ability to bring medicine in a safe and secure way.

Img 00071I was most excited to learn that the two child life specialists funded through a grant from the Speediatrics Children’s Fund would now have so many resources available to provide health and healing for children.  The Children’s Hall will be a fun place for entertainment, education and play for kids which sits right next to the “Skyline Studio” where children can take part in therapeutic and fun programming that can be broadcast to the patient rooms on Skyline TV.

I can’t wait to come back for a visit in the Fall to visit the kids with some of our NASCAR drivers.  Let’s put those PlayStations to use and see if the kiddos can beat a NASCAR driver.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Child Life Specialists play an important role in the care of a child.