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Jeb Burton and Clay Campbell join Speediatrics Fun Day Festival Video Call

It is race week in Martinsville, Virginia and our first Speediatrics Fun Day Festival destination in 2021. For two weeks surrounding the spring race at Martinsville Speedway, more than 100 children are learning about the sport of NASCAR, as well as learning about the importance of living a healthy and happy life.

For the third year, we returned to the Martinsville Speedway market with our Speediatrics Fun Day Festival through a previous partnership with Boys & Girls Club of the Blue Ridge, a nonprofit dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Blue Ridge members had a chance to hear from Martinsville Speedway President Clay Campbell, NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver Jeb Burton, The NASCAR Foundation Executive Director Nichole Krieger and Pit Crew Member Victory Lane during a virtual meet-and-greet.

“At The NASCAR Foundation we care a lot about kids being safe”, stated Nichole Krieger. She then asked Jeb how he stays safe in his racecar. “The number one thing is my helmet, earplugs, gloves, race suit, seatbelt, and a bunch of other things to keep me safe”, stated Jeb Burton. “NASCAR has done a great job making sure our drivers are safe”.

The NASCAR Foundation Executive Director Nichole Krieger and Pit Crew Member Victory Lane led the participants in different warm up exercises, demonstrating how NASCAR Drivers stay active and prepare for race day. After warming up for a day of programming, the children were left with some inspirational parting words from Clay Campbell and Jeb Burton.

“Both Jeb and I come from a racing family, we were fortunate to follow in their footsteps and do what they love and what we love,” stated Clay Campbell. “If your family has a family business, that’s great to follow into but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first to do something, you can start something yourself and be the very first to carry on a legacy and a tradition, but Jeb would conquer whatever you do just give it all that you got, it doesn’t matter what it is, be the best at it as you could be”.

“Follow your dreams, work hard, and never give up”, stated Jeb Burton. “Good things will happen for those who work hard for it, so never give up”.

In Their Own Words: 

Addison, age 11, asked NASCAR Xfinity Series drive Jeb Burton, “What is the best thing about being a driver?”

Jeb let the kids know that “the best thing about being a driver is being kind of the leader of the team, you carry the banner for your guys, they work really hard for you so when you do good it means a lot to experience that with your team.”

Chris, age 8, asked Clay Campbell and Jeb Burton, “Who is your all-time favorite racecar driver?”

  • Jeb’s Favorite Driver: His Father, Ward Burton
  • Clay’s Favorite Driver: Richard Petty