Speediatrics Fun Day Festivals Powered by Kaulig Racing Proudly Presents: The KSDT Top Stepper Award!

The NASCAR Foundation added a new element to its Speediatrics Fun Day Festival at Phoenix Raceway this weekend – the “Top Stepper” Award presented by KSDT CPA. This award is given to the two individuals participating the Speediatrics Fun Day Festival program who track the most steps in a given period of time.

The “Top Stepper” Awards were presented to nine-year-olds Izzy Carmona and Madelyne Valera for tracking 19,273 and 18,901 steps during the four-day program, using pedometer watches provided in their Speediatrics Fit Kits. The winners received gift cards for a new pair of athletic shoes to keep their momentum going and stay as active and healthy as possible!

“At KSDT CPA, we’re incredibly proud to have sponsored the ‘Top Stepper’ Award at this year’s Speediatrics Fun Day Festival. Witnessing the joy and determination on the faces of these young winners truly warms our hearts. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact we can make when we come together to support the health and well-being of our children. Their enthusiasm and commitment to staying active are inspiring, and it reinforces our dedication to fostering a healthier future for all. To all the participants, you embody the spirit of perseverance and joy in movement. Keep stepping forward, and never forget the strength and happiness that comes with every step you take,” said KSDT CPA’s Managing Partner Jeffrey Taraboulos.

“We are so grateful to KSDT CPA for sponsoring this award and helping us grow the impact of our programs on the kids we serve,” said The NASCAR Foundation Vice President & Executive Director Nichole Krieger. “To see these kids literally jumping for joy when they were presented with the award is so wonderful.”

In Phoenix, students in the 4th grade at Arizona Desert Elementary School of Tolleson Elementary School District participated in a healthy living curriculum provided by The NASCAR Foundation to introduce them to NASCAR while encouraging them to adopt the same healthy habits that NASCAR drivers and pit crew members use to see success on the racetrack.




“The ‘Top Stepper’ awards aren’t just about logging steps. They honor the students who walked, skipped, and hopped their way to the top of the class pedometer chart during The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Fun Day Festival activities. For our two students, it’s like winning the gold medal in a friendly race, proving their dedication to staying active and healthy while having a great time,” said Tolleson Elementary School District Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Giselle Herrera. “To the school, the award is a celebration of movement and healthy living fostered by The NASCAR Foundation Speediatrics Fun Day Festival. It showcases the importance of overall health and wellness, embracing physical activity and well-being.”

The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Fun Day Festival, now in its eighth year, with 14 events scheduled across the country in 2024, is part of The NASCAR Foundation’s Speediatrics Children’s Fund, which supports hospitals, specialty clinics, camps, and other organizations that provide medical and healthcare services for children. The festival brings the sport of NASCAR to life for children between the ages of 7 and 12 through a specialized curriculum and a NASCAR-themed at-track festival.